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Chuckit!® Indoor Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

Chuckit!® Indoor Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

SKU: CH006

The Chuckit!® Indoor Flying Squirrel® is ideal for all-season, interactive indoor play. Great for rainy days, hardwood floors, or just a late-night game of fetch. The lightweight Bounceflex Core Technology makes it soft enough when meeting a wall or furniture while giving it just the right amount of bounce for indoor play. Made with a textured chenille fabric that is ideal for small dogs and puppies yet strong and sturdy enough for a game of tug-of-war. The Indoor Flying Squirrel also features a unique arched shape that allows pickup without slobber. Features: Perfect for indoor use Gentle on a dog's mouth Ideal for a game of fetch Great for strong chewers

Dimensions: 22.5 cm X 21.5 cm Product

Weight: .195 grams

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