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Chuckit!® Amphibious Bumper - Small

Chuckit!® Amphibious Bumper - Small

SKU: CH013

The Chuckit!® Amphibious Bumper is made from sturdy nylon, rubber, and memory foam, designed and constructed to float, endure abrasion and the soft yet durable material is easier on your dog's mouth. The knotted rope handle provides a non-slip hold. Floats high on the water and is brightly colored for increased visibility. This toy is also unsinkable and great for interactive play. Easy to clean after a day of tug-of-war. Ships in assorted colors. Features: Great for fetch and tug-o-war Gentle on dogs mouth It floats! Great for both land and water play Bright colors provide increased visibility Easy to cleanMade from durable long-lasting rubber and canvas materials

Dimensions: Small 16.5cm L x 5cm W x 5cm H

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