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Orpington Chickens

I have been breeding chickens for the past two year, learning about different Heritage breeds. I have since fallen in love with Oringtons.

Their size, their colours and of course their temperament.

We here at Animal Family specialize in the Blue, Black and splash Orpingtons

We sell pullets, cockerels and fertile eggs.

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Blue Orpington Hen

We have a mix of different Blue hens.

these ladies lay beautiful size 7-8, light  brown eggs. Breeding flock of blue hens and a big roo Dino


Black Orpington Hen 

We have a breeding flock or black hens and big beautiful roo, Eggbert.

These ladies lay beautiful size 7-8, light  brown eggs.


Splash Orpington Hen

At the moment we have two lovely Splash hens and young Roo ready for the spring. We are going to see what we get from the sma

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