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We an animal loving husband and wife team and live on a lifestyle farm in Auckland.

We have four Border Collies, two cats, sheep, chickens and ducks.  

Loki and Lola are ball crazy  and Gabby and Jock are more tug  loving bubs.

Over the years we have spent heaps on dog toys and cat toys for our furry family. Some toys are still going strong and others were failures that lasted 10 minutes.

On our trips overseas we noticed the selection was much larger than what we had available here in NZ.

Thought it was time to bring a larger selection of durable brand name toys to New Zealand for other pet owners to enjoy with their fur babies.

With the research I have done with followers,  dog owners and trainers,  I have selected toys and brands accordingly.

I am always on the look out for a new toy, accessories and treat ideas.

Watch our family video to learn a little about us.

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