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Ragdoll Cat

What we offer!

We have a wide range of Chuckit fetch toys (which are Loki's favourite), launchers, floating and tug toys.

Sizes are small, medium and large, as well as toys for nighttime play, beach days  and indoor toys when it’s too rainy for your fur babies to play outside.

Kong, such as classic Kong and Kong Extreme for the tough do toys for those chewers out there. Wide range of Kong Wubba,  one of Jock's favorites toys.

Katies bumpers, these are great to take out with you on a walk and come in a variety of sizes.

​Pop one in your pocket when you go on a walk. It floats and easy to squeeze out the water to throw again, made of durable fire hose.

These have been the best for us when we take our fur babies to a river or pond for a swim.

Our cats Ninja and Mika love our range of Kong and Fat cat. They roll around on the catnip

toys for ages and love to play chase with the wands.

That's just to name a few, please click on the button below to see what Animal Family has to offer you!

Three Cute Kittens

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Auckland, New Zealand

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